Insinkerator 45 Waste Disposal Unit Discontinued

Insinkerator 45 A Look Back at the Discontinued Waste Disposal Unit

A Brief History of the Insinkerator 45Insinkerator 45

The Insinkerator 45 was a popular waste disposal unit for households across the UK. The waste disposal unit was known
for its efficient and compact design, making it a popular choice for homeowners with limited under-sink space. Manufactured by the Insinkerator brand, it was considered one of the top waste disposal units for its time.

Why the Insinkerator 45 Was Discontinued

Despite its popularity, the Insinkerator 45 was eventually discontinued in favour of newer model Insinkerator 46 featuring improved technology and increased efficiency. Advancements in waste disposal units allowed for better grinding, quieter operation and more environment-friendly designs.

Notable Features of the Insinkerator 45

Even though it’s no longer available, the Insinkerator 45 still boasts a range of features that made it stand out in the market:
Compact Design: The Insinkerator 45 was specifically designed to fit in small spaces under sinks, making it an ideal choice for flats and homes with limited kitchen space.
Efficient Grinding: The unit used a continuous-feed mechanism, allowing for the efficient grinding of food waste with minimal effort.
Easy Installation: The Insinkerator 45 featured a ‘Quick Lock’ mounting assembly, which made the installation process relatively simple for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.
Durable Construction: The waste disposal unit’s galvanised steel grinding components ensured that the Insinkerator 45 was built to last.

Alternatives to the Insinkerator 45

If you’re looking for a waste disposal unit to replace your old Insinkerator 45, consider the following alternatives:
Insinkerator 46: A direct successor to the 45, this model offers similar features but with improved grinding capabilities.
Insinkerator Evolution Series: These waste disposal units come with advanced technology, offering more efficient grinding and quieter operation.
Other Waste Disposal Unit Brands: Brands such as Wastemaid and Franke offer their own line of waste disposal units that could be suitable for your needs.

Make Your Kitchen Environmentally Friendly with an Upgraded Waste Disposal Unit

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your Insinkerator 45 to the new and improved Insinkerator 46 waste disposal unit and make your kitchen more eco-friendly. Choose from our wide range of waste disposal units designed for maximum efficiency, easy installation and quieter operation. Browse through our collection today and find the perfect waste disposal unit to match your needs!

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